Mapping the migratory route of pygmy blue whales

10 April 2014
Satellite tagging of pygmy blue whales off the west Australian coast has identified their migratory route along the Australian coastline to Indonesia.

Australia takes global leadership on whale research

24 July 2013
Australia's global leadership in whale conservation has been consolidated today with an extra $6 million in federal funding to build on our non-lethal whale research program, which remains the largest program in the world.

Australia's successful Antarctic blue whale voyage

27 March 2013
In a world first, acoustic technology has been used to successfully find, track and study the biggest creature on Earth, the Antarctic blue whale.

Significant advances in non-lethal research on Antarctic minke whales

13 March 2013
Satellite tags have been deployed on Antarctic minke whales, giving researchers access to more comprehensive information about them than ever before.

Australian voyage in search of the world's largest creature

22 January 2013
A team of international whale researchers leaves Hobart today in search of the biggest creature on Earth, the Antarctic blue whale.

You can help Southern Ocean whale research

3 January 2013
Environment Minister Tony Burke has announced a new international collaboration to share information on the rare Antarctic blue and killer whales.

The art of tagging whales

28 November 2012
A steady hand, good sea-legs and an eagle eye are essential ingredients for scientists deploying satellite tags on whales off southern Tasmania.

Antarctic Blue Whale Project launched by Minister

4 October 2012
Australian Antarctic scientists have successfully tested new acoustic technology to track and locate scores of blue whales hundreds of kilometres away by eavesdropping on the resonating song of these rare and elusive animals.

Hunting the ice whales

25 September 2012
A gripping new documentary, Hunting the ice whales, depicts the excitement of tracking whales in the Ross Sea.

A whale of a tale

13 July 2012
A new documentary film following Australian Antarctic Division scientists undertaking non-lethal whale research in the Southern Ocean premiered in Hobart on 3 July 2012.

Scientists capture footage of rare whale

13 July 2012
A stroke of good luck has given a team of Tasmanian scientists an encounter with a pod of extremely rare whales.

Whale trackers make rare sighting

27 February 2012
Whale observers working for the Australian Antarctic Division hit the jackpot recently sighting the Shepherd's beaked whale (Tasmacetus shepherdi).

Surveying dugong responses to extreme weather events

8 December 2011
More than $417 000 in funding for non-lethal marine mammal research was announced by the Australian Government. Snubfin dolphins, Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins and dugongs will be the subjects of studies.

Japanese decision to continue whaling

8 December 2011
The Australian Government condemns Japan's decision to continue whaling in the Southern Ocean this year under the guise of science.

$5 million to support better management of dugongs

8 September 2011
Minister Burke allocates $5 million to support better management of dugongs.

Derek Hamer and whale bycatch

21 July 2011
Mr Hamer is untangling the issue of whale bycatch.

Launch of Blue Whale research project

12 July 2011
Minister Burke launches the Antarctic Blue Whale Project at the International Whaling Commission in Jersey.

Australia's delegation to attend international whaling meeting

11 July 2011
Environment Minister Tony Burke is leading Australia's delegation to the 63rd annual International Whaling Commission (IWC) in Jersey, United Kingdom.

Living Whales Symposium announced

7 December 2010
The Australian Marine Mammal Centre, on behalf of the Southern Ocean Research Partnership, is pleased to make the first announcement for a symposium and workshop entitled Living Whales in the Southern Ocean: advances in methods for non-lethal cetacean research.

Australian Marine Mammal Centre hosts important research

1 December 2010
$700 000 in funding for non-lethal whale research announced by the Australian Government.

Aerial drones monitor marine mammals

26 September 2010
Miniature remote controlled aircraft are being trialled at Shark Bay in Western Australia for use in marine mammal surveys.

Whale identification program makes matching no fluke

30 August 2010
A computer program developed by a team of Australian scientists will help identify individual humpback whales through their tail markings.

$1.2 million for 2010 Marine Mammal Grants

6 August 2010
The Australian Marine Mammals Centre at the Australian Antarctic Division has announced the recipients of more than $1.2 million dollars of grants for 2010.

Non-lethal whale and dolphin research funding announced

28 July 2010
Environment Minister Peter Garrett today launched the third National Whale Day for the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Largest Antarctic aerial whale survey completed

26 May 2010
Environment Protection Minister Peter Garrett and Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr today congratulated Australian researchers on the completion of the largest-ever aerial survey of whales off the Australian Antarctic coastline.

Antarctic whale expedition returns

15 March 2010
The world's largest, non-lethal whale research expedition has returned from Antarctic waters with a range of new information that will help inform future marine mammal conservation.

Whale expedition homeward bound

10 March 2010
After a successful six weeks in the Southern Ocean, the Australian led Antarctic whale expedition is heading home.

Whale expedition progress at half-way mark

24 February 2010
The Antarctic Whale Expedition is now almost half way through its six-week voyage. After departing Wellington on 2 February, the Tangaroa travelled for eight days towards the Antarctic ice edge. The expeditioners encountered some rough weather initially, however the last few days have provided some good opportunities to launch the small boats and conduct research near the Balleny Islands

Whale expedition heads south

2 February 2010
The largest collaborative whale research voyage ever undertaken is on its way to Antarctica.

Antarctic whale research expedition launched

29 January 2010
Australian Minister for the Environment, Peter Garrett, and New Zealand Minister for Research Science and Technology, Wayne Mapp, launched the first Antarctic whale research expedition as part of the Southern Ocean Research Partnership in Wellington today.

Second year of aerial whale surveys in Antarctica

13 December 2009
With the aim of estimating the proportion of Antarctic minke whales in pack ice during the summer months, an Australian fixed-wing aerial survey programme (based in East Antarctica), has been in development over the last two summer seasons. This coming summer we will fly a full-scale aerial survey for minke whales in pack ice between 93 degrees and 113 degrees East, from mid-December through to early February.

IWC endorses Southern Ocean Research Partnership

26 June 2009
The International Whaling Commission has endorsed a five-year non-lethal whale research proposal for the Australian-led Southern Ocean Research Partnership. Environment Minister Peter Garrett said this is a major success for Australia and a ground-breaking agreement from the IWC that will direct future non-lethal research activities.

World's largest non-lethal whale research partnership launched

19 June 2009
Australia and New Zealand today announced the first Antarctic whale research expedition as part of the Southern Ocean Research Partnership. Australian Minister for the Environment, Peter Garrett, Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Stephen Smith, and New Zealand Minister for Foreign Affairs, Murray McCully, said the announcement strengthens their close relationship and commitment to non-lethal scientific research, ahead of the next meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in Madeira next week.

Aerial whale surveys first for Antarctica

23 March 2009
New data on minke whale distribution in pack ice in the Southern Ocean and new techniques developed by Australian scientists for researching whale abundance further advance Australia's global leadership in non-lethal whale research, Environment Minister Peter Garrett said today.

Whale workshop to forge science partnership

23 March 2009
Environment Minister Peter Garrett today said he was very pleased that Sydney was this week hosting the world's first international workshop on non-lethal whale research. Mr Garrett said Australia was taking the lead to better manage the whales of the Southern Ocean and in the process, show the world that scientific research on whales could be done without resorting to lethal measures.

International whales workshop coming to Sydney

12 March 2009
12 March 2009. The Australian Government, in conjunction with the International Whaling Commission, are convening an international workshop in Sydney during 23-26 March to develop the Southern Ocean Research Partnership - the world's largest cooperative, non-lethal, whale research programme.

$1.5 million fund for marine mammal research

17 February 2009
Environment Minister Peter Garrett today invited applications for a share in $1.5 million in grant funding for priority marine mammal research a key part of the Governments commitment to creating the largest international whale research program in the world.

Australian research leads fight against whaling

5 December 2008
The Australian Government's commitment to whale conservation has been confirmed today with the announcement of an additional $26 million in measures over the next five years which include creating the largest international whale research program in the world, focused on answering the important science about southern ocean whales and utilising the most powerful non-lethal techniques.

$6.5M to kick-start non-lethal whale research

17 November 2008
Environment Minister Peter Garrett today announced funding of more than $6 million in 2008-09 for non-lethal whale research and other critical conservation programs as part of its ongoing strategy to end so-called 'scientific' whaling.

Chile and Australia to cooperate on whales

27 June 2008
Today at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting in Santiago Australia and Chile commit to cooperating in non-lethal whale research and other whale conservation activities.
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