Dave Donnelly - Observer and coxswain

David Donnelly is a Melbourne-based marine researcher with over twenty years field experience. David’s broad background in marine science has seen him working in a number of industries including eco-tourism, oil and gas, documentary film making, the military, state and Commonwealth government and non-government organisations. He is also currently affiliated with six universities supporting a range of scientific projects as well as being employed in marine consultancy.

Since David’s first encounter with a stranded sperm whale in 1984, he has followed a strong passion for knowledge and the conservation of all cetacean species and their environment.

David has been part of the Antarctic Blue Whale Project since January 2012 where he was involved in sea trials off the Victorian coast as an observer and deputy voyage leader. David brings extensive experience to the team as a highly-experienced marine fauna observer and small boat operator. This will be David’s first expedition to the Southern Ocean.

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