Kylie Owen - Observer

Kylie Owen knew from a very young age that she wanted to study marine biology. While still at school she volunteered on marine mammal research projects around Australia and, as a consequence, has many years of experience as a cetacean observer working with various research techniques and cetacean species. Kylie completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Zoology and Marine Biology at the University of Melbourne, before moving to Monash University where she completed an honours research project on the diet and foraging ecology of two dolphin species in Victorian waters using stable isotope analysis.

Kylie is currently completing a PhD on the feeding behaviour of humpback whales through the Cetacean Ecology and Acoustics Laboratory at the University of Queensland. As a part of this, she manage the SURFAH (Surface and Underwater Research of Feeding Australian Humpbacks) project, relying on the use of biotelemetry methods (DTAGs and FastLoc GPS tags) to assess the fine scale 3D movement of the whales and biopsy sampling for dietary analysis using stable isotopes.

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