Melinda Rekdahl - Observer

Melinda has recently completed her PhD at the University of Queensland on humpback whale acoustic behavior and has volunteered or worked in the field of marine mammal research for over ten years. Her PhD project focused on the stability and progressive change of humpback whale song and social sounds. While completing a BSc. in Marine Biology from the University of Queensland, Melinda volunteered on a number of marine mammal research projects and then completed an honours degrees, comparing bottlenose dolphin acoustic behaviour between wild and provisioned populations in Moreton Bay and captive populations in Seaworld.

Since then, Melinda has worked on numerous research, conservation and industry projects on cetaceans. Her research interests include bioacoustics, evolution and function of animal communication systems, behavioural ecology and marine conservation.

Melinda’s role on the Antarctic Blue Whale voyage is as an observer and part of the small boat teams.

This page was last modified on August 5, 2015.