Natalie Schmitt - Observer

After a research career in marsupial behavioural ecology and five years as a natural history documentary presenter (National Geographic and Discovery Channel) and filmer, Natalie Schmitt changed focus, recently completing her PhD thesis on population genetic structure among Australian and South Pacific humpback whales based at the Australian Marine Mammal Centre and the Australian National University. Through this PhD, she was involved in the Antarctic Whale Expedition in 2010, in the role of analysing the mixing of humpback whale breeding populations, including the endangered populations of the South Pacific, on their feeding grounds in the Southern Ocean.

Natalie was also part of the team to trial new acoustic techniques to track pygmy blue whales off Portland in Victoria which will be used in the forthcoming Antarctic Blue Whale Voyage to locate Antarctic blue whales. Her interest is in drawing upon both her experience as a whale geneticist and skills as a documentary presenter to learn more about endangered species like the Antarctic blue whale and educate the broader public, as a more holistic approach to wildlife conservation.

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