Victoria Wadley - Scientific Coordinator of Antarctic Blue Whale Project and Media liaison

In her current role as Scientific coordinator of the Antarctic Blue Whale Project, Victoria brings together multidisciplinary international research to estimate the circumpolar abundance of Antarctic blue whales. She is excited about this project's potential to contribute to the conservation of the most 'at risk' baleen whale in of the Southern Ocean.

During the International Polar Year 2007/09, Victoria integrated the results from 18 research icebreakers in her role as the project manager of the Census of Antarctic Marine Life. The team of 320 researchers from 30 countries made an inventory of about 9,500 species of marine animals and their habitats. Together with wide media coverage, over 850 refereed papers were published on the ecosystems of the ocean around Antarctica. CAML won the 'Overall Excellence' award among the 14 field projects in the global Census of Marine Life and was highlighted among the top six projects of the International Polar Year.

During her 25 years with Australia’s CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research centre, Victoria worked regularly at sea on 30 voyages of research and fishing vessels, and conducted research as a biological oceanographer (PhD University of Sydney on micronekton from a warm-core eddy) and later on fisheries ecosystems.

Since 2007, Victoria has participated in two voyages to study the marine fauna of Antarctica.

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