Steering committee and documents

The Southern Ocean Research Partnership represents a model for how we can all work together with the International Whaling Commission to improve the health and status of southern ocean whale populations.

The SORP Steering Committee (SSC), overseeing work and projects, is made up of regional participants and IWC representatives. The SSC notes the importance of keeping membership of the SSC open to other non-represented regions if and when they should join the Partnership.

The steering committee currently comprises:

  • South American representation: Barbara Galletti (Chile), Miguel Iñiguez (Argentina), Fabia Luna (Brazil)
  • North American representation: Bob Brownell (USA)
  • European representation: Jean-Benoît Charrassin (France), Karl-Hermann Kock (Germany), Lars Walloe (Norway)
  • African representation: Herman Oosthuizen (South Africa)
  • Oceania representation: Elanor Bell (SORP Coordinator, Australia), Mike Double (Australia), Nick Gales (Australia), Rochelle Constantine (New Zealand), Louise Chilvers (New Zealand)
  • IWC representation: Debra Palka, Greg Donovan (Head of Science for the IWC), Alex Zerbini/Jooke Robbins (Chair/s of the Southern Hemisphere whales sub-committee)

Secretariat functions are undertaken by staff at the Australian Marine Mammal Centre, Australian Antarctic Division, Hobart. For further information please contact

SORP related documents

General information about the early development of SORP is available in the SORP information pamphlet [PDF].

SORP project descriptions [PDF]

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