Living Whales Symposium announced

The Australian Marine Mammal Centre, on behalf of the Southern Ocean Research Partnership (SORP), is pleased to make the first announcement for a symposium and workshop entitled Living Whales in the Southern Ocean: advances in methods for non-lethal cetacean research scheduled for March 2012 in Puerto Varas, Chile. The symposium is a collaboration developed by the SORP; a working group of the Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission.

The focus of the symposium and accompanying workshop is to review the strengths and weaknesses of current and new methods for studying living whales in the Southern Ocean. Specifically, the objectives are to advance the synergies of non-lethal methods for investigations addressing three broad themes:

  1. Population dynamics, health status and life history parameters of recovering whale species
  2. Ecological linkages, functional roles and relationships of whales in their ecosystem(s)
  3. The response of whales to climate change and anthropogenic impacts

Presentations will focus on methodological, analytical or technological advances in non-lethal methodology, including those that are still under development. While the focus of the symposium and workshop will be on application of existing and novel non-lethal research techniques to cetaceans in the Southern Ocean, it will provide an excellent forum for a more general discussion on advances in non-lethal research techniques for cetaceans.

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