Surveying dugong responses to extreme weather events

More than $417,000 in funding for non-lethal marine mammal research was announced by the Australian Government. Snubfin dolphins, Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins and dugongs will be the subjects of studies.

A $175,000 Indo-Pacific Cetacean Research and Conservation Fund (IPCF) will support three three-year projects in Papua New Guinea, Palau and Thailand, while a $147,000 Bill Dawbin Post-doctoral Fellowship was awarded to Dr Isabel Beasley of James Cook University to study Australian snubfin dolphins and Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins in northern Australia. More than $95,000 will also assist an aerial survey of dugongs off the Queensland coast, after widespread habitat loss from the 2011 floods and Cyclone Yasi.

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This page was last updated on 8 December 2011