Voyage news

  • group of whale observers with binoculars

    Successful voyage returns from Southern Ocean

    Innovative technologies, including drones, shed new light on the distribution of endangered Antarctic blue whales and their food source krill.

  • A scientist throws an underwater listening device overboard

    Homing in on big blue

    Antarctic blue whales are rare and sparsely distributed across the vast Southern Ocean, so finding them can be a challenge.

  • krill

    Giant krill swarms in 3D

    For the first time on an Australian research vessel, giant krill swarms are being recorded in 3D using echosounders in the Southern Ocean.

  • Scientist throws listening device overboard

    Eavesdropping on Antarctic blue whales

    The ENRICH voyage is using underwater listening devices originally developed to track submarines to find ‘hotspots’ of Antarctic blue whales.

  • Group of scientists prepare sampling device

    Southern Ocean silk-and-plankton sandwich

    As the RV Investigator heads south to the ice edge, members of the krill team have been towing an ingenious plankton sampling device.

  • RV Investigator ship in the Southern Ocean, near an iceberg.

    ENRICH voyage heading south

    The most comprehensive scientific voyage ever undertaken to study the largest creature on Earth and its food source is on its way to the Antarctic ice edge.

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