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Level 2 Item Australian research leads fight against whaling
Level 2 Item $6.5M to kick-start non-lethal whale research
Level 2 Item Chile and Australia to cooperate on whales
Level 2 Item $1.5 million fund for marine mammal research
Level 2 Item Aerial whale surveys first for Antarctica
Level 2 Item Whale workshop to forge science partnership
Level 2 Item International whales workshop coming to Sydney
Level 2 Item World's largest non-lethal whale research partnership launched
Level 2 Item IWC endorses Southern Ocean Research Partnership
Level 2 Item Second year of aerial whale surveys in Antarctica
Level 2 Item Antarctic whale research expedition launched
Level 2 Item Whale expedition heads south
Level 2 Item Whale expedition progress at half-way mark
Level 2 Item Whale expedition homeward bound
Level 2 Item Antarctic whale expedition returns
Level 2 Item Largest Antarctic aerial whale survey completed
Level 2 Item Non-lethal whale and dolphin research funding announced
Level 2 Item $1.2 million for 2010 Marine Mammal Grants
Level 2 Item Whale identification program makes matching no fluke
Level 2 Item Aerial drones monitor marine mammals
Level 2 Item Australian Marine Mammal Centre hosts important research
Level 2 Item Living Whales Symposium announced
Level 2 Item Australia's delegation to attend international whaling meeting
Level 2 Item Launch of Blue Whale research project
Level 2 Item Derek Hamer and whale bycatch
Level 2 Item $5 million to support better management of dugongs
Level 2 Item Japanese decision to continue whaling
Level 2 Item Surveying dugong responses to extreme weather events
Level 2 Item Whale trackers make rare sighting
Level 2 Item A whale of a tale
Level 2 Item Scientists capture footage of rare whale
Level 2 Item Hunting the ice whales
Level 2 Item Antarctic Blue Whale Project launched by Minister
Level 2 Item The art of tagging whales
Level 2 Item You can help Southern Ocean whale research
Level 2 Item Australian voyage in search of the world's largest creature
Level 2 Item Significant advances in non-lethal research on Antarctic minke whales
Level 2 Item Australia's successful Antarctic blue whale voyage
Level 2 Item Australia takes global leadership on whale research
Level 2 Item Mapping the migratory route of pygmy blue whales
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Level 2 Item Antarctic Blue Whale and Krill Voyage 2019
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Level 4 Item ENRICH voyage heading south
Level 4 Item Southern Ocean silk-and-plankton sandwich
Level 4 Item Eavesdropping on Antarctic blue whales
Level 4 Item Giant krill swarms in 3D
Level 4 Item Homing in on big blue
Level 4 Item Successful voyage returns from Southern Ocean
Level 3 Item Latest voyage news (nested)
Level 3 Item Team members
Level 4 Item Dr Mike Double - Chief Scientist
Level 4 Item Dr Elanor Bell - Deputy Chief Scientist / Biogeochemist
Level 4 Item Dr Karen Westwood - Voyage Project Manager / Biogeochemist
Level 4 Item Dr Brian Miller - Whale Acoustician
Level 4 Item Dr Joshua Smith - Unmanned Aerial System Operator / Marine Mammal Observer
Level 4 Item Dr So Kawaguchi - Krill Ecologist
Level 2 Item IWC Reports
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Level 3 Item Australian inshore dolphin workshop 2012
Level 3 Item Southern right whale workshop 2009
Level 3 Item Humpback whale workshop 2008
Level 3 Item Capture-recapture models
Level 3 Item Spatial Modelling workshop
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Level 3 Item Depredation mitigation project
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Level 2 Item Antarctic blue whale project
Level 3 Item Antarctic blue whale project committees
Level 3 Item Antarctic blue whale voyage 2013
Level 4 Item Expedition participants
Level 5 Item Chris Galloway - Voyage leader
Level 5 Item Jay Barlow - Voyage science co-ordinator
Level 5 Item Margaret Lindsay - Deputy voyage leader
Level 5 Item Virginia Andrews-Goff - Data manager, Survey design and Tagging
Level 5 Item Brian Miller - Acoustician, lead
Level 5 Item Susannah Calderan - Acoustician
Level 5 Item Kym Collins - Acoustician
Level 5 Item Russell Leaper - Acoustician
Level 5 Item Paula Olson - Observer, lead
Level 5 Item Natalie Schmitt - Observer
Level 5 Item Paul Ensor - Observer
Level 5 Item Melinda Rekdahl - Observer
Level 5 Item Kylie Owen - Observer
Level 5 Item Carlos Olavarria - Observer
Level 5 Item Dave Donnelly - Observer and coxswain
Level 5 Item Mick Davidson - Coxswain
Level 5 Item Victoria Wadley - Scientific Coordinator of Antarctic Blue Whale Project and Media liaison
Level 5 Item Cath Deacon - Doctor
Level 4 Item Blue whale news blog
Level 5 Item The Antarctic Blue Whale Voyage gets ready to go
Level 5 Item Casting off
Level 5 Item Our first whales
Level 5 Item Steaming south
Level 5 Item Voyage visitors
Level 5 Item Aerial assistance for whale acoustics team
Level 5 Item Thar she blows!
Level 5 Item Flurries of snow and a lucky biopsy
Level 5 Item Riding the bow with a blue
Level 5 Item Satellite tag deployed on Antarctic blue whale
Level 5 Item Peering into the sound lab
Level 5 Item Ship life on board the MV Explorer
Level 5 Item Blue whale ballet
Level 5 Item After dinner whale anyone?
Level 5 Item Not your average office job
Level 5 Item The last hurrah
Level 5 Item Statistics of success
Level 3 Item Bonney Upwelling acoustics expeditions 2012
Level 2 Item Killer whales in the Southern Ocean
Level 3 Item Dr Giancarlo Lauriano
Level 3 Item Dr Luciano Dalla Rosa
Level 2 Item Interactions between baleen whales and krill
Level 2 Item Antarctic blue whales and fin whales: acoustic program
Level 3 Item Acoustic trends sounds
Level 3 Item Acoustic trends publications
Level 3 Item Passive acoustic recording devices
Level 3 Item Acoustic Trends Steering Group
Level 4 Item Flore Samaran
Level 4 Item Kate Stafford
Level 4 Item Susannah Buchan
Level 4 Item Ken Findlay
Level 4 Item Danielle Harris
Level 4 Item Brian Miller
Level 4 Item Dr Ilse Van Opzeeland, Biologist
Level 4 Item Ana Širovic
Level 2 Item Movements and mixing of humpback whales around Antarctica
Level 2 Item The right sentinel for climate change
Level 3 Item How to recognise a southern right whale
Level 3 Item Dr Emma Carroll
Level 3 Item Dr Els Vermeulen
Level 2 Item Southern Hemisphere fin whales
Level 3 Item Dr Helena Herr
Level 2 Item SORP conferences, meetings and reports
Level 3 Item SORP workshops 2009
Level 3 Item SORP conference, 2013
Level 3 Item SORP Living Whales Symposium, 2012
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