Blue whale news blog

Victoria Wadley, Scientific Co-ordinator of the Antarctic Blue Whale Project, will write weekly blue whale blog posts from on board the Amaltal Explorer during the voyage.

14 March 2013
The transit home from our expedition to highest latitudes of the Southern Ocean has been a time for reflection on the significant success of the Antarctic blue whale voyage.
8 March 2013
After 38 days of intensive work in the Southern Ocean – what a brilliant finale!
6 March 2013
On dry land at 9 am a normal day in the office would usually see me sitting with a nice fresh cup of coffee in front of the computer screen - not a chance on the blue whales voyage!
5 March 2013
The pattern of after dinner whales is continuing, with the giants often cruising by late in the evening.
1 March 2013
Spyhopping blue whales show strength and agility despite their massive size.
27 February 2013
Life on board the MV Explorer is dictated by a disciplined, yet comfortable, routine. 
22 February 2013
Peek into the 'sound lab' where scientists listen out for Antarctic blue whales.
15 February 2013
An Antarctic blue whale has been fitted with a satellite tracking tag for the first time ever. Finally we can follow these giants to learn where they go. 
14 February 2013
At 7am I'm half awake, trying to maintain my balance on the heaving bow of Explorer.
13 February 2013
Last Friday, our initial day in the survey area, I reported our thrilling success with the first Antarctic blue whale we encountered.
8 February 2013
The first day in our target survey area, on the edge of the Antarctic sea ice, and we struck gold!
7 February 2013
We have just passed 60°S and officially entered Antarctic waters, the ocean temperature has now plunged to a chilly 3°C.
6 February 2013
The marine animals of the Southern Ocean are escorting us as we transit toward Antarctica on the blue whales voyage.
4 February 2013
The Antarctic blue whale voyage, aboard the FV Explorer, is heading south-west from New Zealand, on transit to our research area.
1 February 2013
Day 2 of the Antarctic blue whales voyage dawned clear and calm off Greymouth, on the west coast of New Zealand.
31 January 2013
After intense preparation of the scientific gear for the Antarctic blue whale voyage, it was with great relief the 18 scientists and 13 crew of Amaltal Explorer cast off from the wharf at Nelson, New Zealand on the afternoon of 31 January.
22 January 2013
The whales of the Southern Ocean have taken some big hits. In particular, the Antarctic blue whale, largest animal ever on the planet...
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