Steering committee and documents

The Southern Ocean Research Partnership represents a model for how we can all work together to improve the health and status of southern ocean whale populations.

The IWC-SORP Scientific Steering Committee (SSC), overseeing work and projects, is made up of regional participants and IWC representatives. The SSC welcomes new members from other non-represented regions if and when they join the Partnership.

The Scientific Steering Committee currently comprises:

  • South American representation: Barbara Galletti (Chile), Miguel Iñiguez (Argentina), Fabia Luna (Brazil)
  • North American representation: Bob Brownell (USA)
  • European representation: Stephanie Lagerock (Belgium), Jean-Benoît Charrassin (France), Helena Herr (Germany; Chair of IWC-SORP SSC), Giancarlo Lauriano (Italy), Pierre Gallego (Luxembourg), Arne Bjorge (Norway)
  • African representation: Herman Oosthuizen (South Africa)
  • Oceania representation: Elanor Bell (IWC-SORP Coordinator, Australia), Mike Double (Australia), Rochelle Constantine (New Zealand), David Lundquist (New Zealand)
  • IWC representation: Greg Donovan (Head of Science for the IWC), Robert Suydam and Alex Zerbini (Chair and Vice-Chair of the IWC/SC), Jennifer Jackson (Chair of the Southern Hemisphere whales sub-committee)

Secretariat functions are undertaken by staff at the Australian Marine Mammal Centre, Australian Antarctic Division, Hobart. For further information please contact

IWC-SORP related documents

General information about the early development of IWC-SORP is available in the SORP information pamphlet [PDF].

SORP project descriptions [PDF]

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