Antarctic blue whale project committees

Scientific Steering Committee (SSC)

  • Phil Hammond (UK, Chair)
  • Jean-Benôit Charassin (FRA)
  • Miguel Iniguez (ARG)
  • Lars Walløe (NOR)
  • Jay Barlow (USA)
  • Mike Double (AUS)

Invited experts

  • Elanor Bell (AUS, SORP)
  • Greg Donovan (UK, IWC)
  • Russell Leaper (UK, NGOs)

Technical committees

Technical Committee on Survey Methods

  • Natalie Kelly (AUS, Convenor)
  • Phil Hammond (UK)

Technical Committee on Passive Acoustics

  • Brian Miller (AUS, Convenor)
  • Shannon Rankin (USA)
  • Kate Stafford (USA)

Technical Committee on Photo Identification of Individuals

  • Paula Olsen (USA, Convenor)
  • Paul Ensor (NZ)
  • Ken Findlay (ZAF)
  • Barbara Galletti Vernazzani (CHL)
  • Carlos Olavarria (CHL)
  • Barbara Galletti (CHL)

Technical Committee on Genetic Identification of Individuals

  • Aimée Lang (USA, Convenor)
  • Mike Double (AUS)
  • Scott Baker (USA)
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