Humpback whale workshop 2008

This workshop was organised by the Australian Marine Mammal Centre and was held at the Institute of Marine Science in Sydney on the 17th and 18th April 2008.

The meeting assessed the historic and current efforts to estimate trends and abundance of the humpback whales that breed off the east and west coasts of Australia. It then agreed on research recommendations and priorities to assist in the future conservation management of this species.

Humpback whale workshop report [PDF]


  • John Bannister
  • Mark Bravington
  • Dan Burns
  • Chris Burton
  • Mike Double
  • Rebecca Dunlop
  • Wally Franklin
  • Nick Gales
  • Rob Harcourt
  • Peter Harrison
  • Amanda Hodgson
  • Curt Jenner
  • Natalie Kelly
  • Rob McCauley
  • Mike Noad
  • Dave Peel
  • David Paton
  • Milena Rafic
  • Chandra Salgado-Kent
  • Josh Smith
  • Sam Thalmann
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